Watch This Video To Learn Whom Bambi Supports…And Doesn’t

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כל המרחם על הבריות מרחמין עליו מן השמים

"Whoever has compassion upon others, Heaven will have compassion upon him." (Shabbat 151b)

Rachel Bamberger Chalkowski, affectionately known as Bambi, directs one of the most highly esteemed tzedaka organizations in Israel. Assisted by an international network of volunteers, Matan B'Seter Bambi alleviates the physical and emotional strain of Israeli families who are undergoing medical and social crises.

Over 400 families receive $200 or more monthly, with many additional families receiving help before the holidays, and many emergency cases as well.  Bambi's annual budget is over one million dollars and 97% of every dollar goes directly to those in need.

This money helps pay for the most basic of human needs- food, rent, utilities, and medical help- when conventional channels have been exhausted.  Moreover, Bambi provides her aid with sensitivity and dignity.

Please consider a generous gift.  In return, you will receive the grateful blessings of all those whom you have helped.